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Miso Robotics Unveils Flippy Wings Product Line with Lead Innovation Partner Inspire Brands

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How Miso Robotics went from scrappy fast-food robot startup to raising $37 million in VC, and why its founder will never give up on crowdfunding campaigns

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Robots are set to swamp the jobs market

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Miso Robotics Equity Crowdfunds $17M, Extends Campaign to Raise $30M

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There’s No Slowing Silicon Beach, Even for Covid

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Future Restaurants Will Fit In A Shipping Container And Have No Humans In The Kitchen

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White Castle rolls out more robots from Miso Robotics to cook in its kitchens

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Miso Robotics Names Bell as CEO

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Flippy, the $30,000 automated robot fast-food cook, is now for sale with 'demand through the roof' — see how it grills burgers and fries onion rings

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‘We’re Stepping On The Gas’: Miso Robotics Unveils A Restaurant Prototype That’s Cheaper Than Flippy

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White Castle is testing a burger-grilling robot named Flippy

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Miso Robotics: Flippy and the Robotic Future for Restaurants

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The new burger chef makes $3 an hour and never goes home. (It’s a robot)

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The robotic fry cook Flippy is getting a new look

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White Castle Plans To Use Flippy The Robot In More Locations

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A Robot Might Cook Your Next White Castle Burger

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White Castle hires robot, Flippy, to cook fried foods

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How robots are reinventing food service

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Miso Robotics Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding Led by Acacia Research

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White Castle To Introduce Kitchen Robotic Assistant Flippy

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Miso Robotics: How AI Can Transform An Industry

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Business Updates

Miso Robotics names company's first Chief Strategy Officer

Miso Robotics is excited to welcome Jake Brewer, a seasoned restaurant executive, as its Chief Strategy Officer, a newly created role. Jake, who brings over a decade of experience in the restaurant and food service industry, will be responsible for driving the company’s product development and business development efforts. This new role signifies the company's new period of growth as it prepares to expand deployments of Flippy, its robotic kitchen assistant.Most recently, Jake was VP of Restaurant Excellence at CKE Restaurants, the parent company for Carl’s Jr. restaurants, where he led customer experience, engineering, field training, and more. Before CKE, Jake held roles leading teams at Kroger, Yum! Brands, and KFC.Throughout his career, Jake has led strategy and teams in customer experience, sustainability, operations, design, operations services, and commercialization.

White Castle expands partnership with Miso Robotics, adding 10 new restaurant locations, ahead of campaign close

White Castle and Miso Robotics announced plans to expand implementations of Miso’s autonomous kitchen assistant, Flippy. Miso and White Castle will target up to 10 new locations as part of a beta rollout of Flippy to White Castle’s North American restaurants. White Castle is America's first fast-food burger chain with 375 locations across the country.

White Castle CEO Lisa Ingram said, "Artificial intelligence and automation have been an area White Castle has wanted to experiment with to optimize our operations and provide a better work environment for our team members. We believe technology like Flippy ROAR can improve customer service and kitchen operation. This pilot is putting us on that path – and we couldn’t be more pleased to continue our work with Miso Robotics and pave the way for greater adoption of cutting-edge technology in the fast-food industry."News of the pilot's success has already been picked up by major publications such as TechCrunch, Engadget, Business Insider, and L.A. Biz. 

Miso President named “Top 100 People Transforming Business in North America”

Miso Robotics co-founder and President Buck Jordan has been named to Business Insider's list of 100 People Transforming Business in North America alongside other notable figures like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, and Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused restaurants to focus on both optimizing operations as well as employee and customer safety, both things Buck believes are solvable with Miso's robotic kitchen assistants.

Business Insider notes, "During the pandemic, restaurant operations have completely shifted to optimize for online ordering, delivery speed, and order accuracy. And a major ethical question for restaurant owners has been how to keep their businesses afloat without putting employees at risk."

Buck co-founded Miso in 2016 and previously served as CEO. Now he is acting Chairman and President, a role which he recently transitioned into to focus on driving investment growth for the company.

Miso Robotics welcomes new CEO

Miso Robotics is excited to welcome Mike Bell, veteran software executive and entrepreneur, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mike brings 25 years of experience as an executive in early-stage tech startup and public company roles.

Most recently, Mike was COO at Ordermark, a leading venture-backed restaurant technology company, where he led the enterprise sales function and its top-down go-to-market strategy. Early in his career, Michael co-founded Encore where he served as CEO for over 13 years from 1994-2007. During his time with Encore, he helped grow the company from a startup and to a leading software company that was recognized twice in Inc. Magazine's Inc 500 list (2000 and 2001). In 2002, he sold the company to Navarre Corporation, a public distribution and publishing company.

Prior to assuming his role as CEO, Mike served as Miso Robotics’ Chairman of the Board.

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Miso Robotics unveils newest version of Flippy, OHROAR

Earlier this year, Miso announced the Robot on a Rail (ROAR) model, enabling Flippy to glide across multiple pieces of kitchen equipment. The latest ROAR design mounts Flippy on an overhead rail (OHROAR), keeping it out of the path of busy kitchen staff as they reallocate their time to customer service-related tasks.

The new design includes an input zone that can receive baskets, as well as a safety shield, creating a barrier between staff and Flippy to protect them from hot fryers. The system is also designed with an output area that will enable Flippy to automate the bagging of cooked foods in the future.

The team is working on this update so that White Castle can debut the new system. This partnership has already received notable press from TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo! News, Fox, CNN, and more.

Miso Robotics welcomes CalTech professor as newest advisor

Miso Robotics recently welcomed Aaron Ames as an advisor to the company. He is a Bren Professor of Mechanical & Civil Engineering and Control & Dynamical Systems at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech). Aaron holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and a MS in Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

“Commercial kitchens are facing unique challenges in the current health crisis," says Aaron. "Robotic systems that work alongside humans in intelligent ways have the potential to help kitchens reopen safely and mark a paradigm shift going forward.”

As Aaron specializes in bipedal robotic walking and robotic assistive devices, he will serve as a valuable advisor to the company by providing advice & consulting with Miso's team.

Miso Robotics to launch in White Castle's North American restaurants

Miso Robotics and White Castle recently entered into an agreement to develop, pilot, and undertake a beta rollout of Miso Robotics' Flippy robot for White Castle's North American restaurants.

White Castle is America's first fast-food burger chain with 375 locations across the country. As part of the planned pilot, White Castle will bring the new version of Flippy, Robot-on-a-Rail (ROAR), into kitchens for testing and future integration. The deployment will put autonomous frying to work for enhanced production speeds, improved labor allocation, and an added layer of health and safety in the cooking process.

"We're not dialing down on the number of people in a restaurant," White Castle's vice president, Jamie Richardson said. "We're looking at Flippy as a tool that helps us increase speed of service and frees team members up to focus more on other areas we want to concentrate on, whether that's order accuracy or how we're handling delivery partner drivers and getting them what they need when they come through the door."

Miso Robotics CEO & Co-Founder Buck Jordan also adds the benefits of automation since the COVID-19 pandemic: "Can you imagine trying to social distance in a tight QSR kitchen space? This helps that. It also reduces human contact with food during the cooking process."The partnership has already picked up press from TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, and Yahoo! News.

Financial research firm InvestorPlace features Miso Robotics

InvestorPlace, one of America’s longest-standing independent financial research firms, recently featured Miso Robotics to its investor community.

Miso Robotics' feature explores the companies' VC backers and market opportunity, in addition to the unique robot: "the robot learns over time as it fries and grills various foods so as to optimize the heat and consistency while minimizing the waste."

Miso Robotics signs new food safety partnership with sanitation technology company, PathSpot

Miso Robotics recently signed a three-year partnership agreement with PathSpot Technologies to work on integrating PathSpot’s sanitizing scanning technology with Miso's kitchen automation assistants. The goal of the partnership is to help enforce proper hand washing etiquette and ensure effective hand sanitation amongst the human employees that work alongside Flippy.Within two seconds, PathSpot's scanner monitors each hand wash and identifies potential gaps in sanitation at an individual employee, store, or chain level, delivering data-driven results. The technology even has the option to recognize individual team members using employee ID codes so companies have data on who’s washing, when, and how effectively.

With Miso’s partnership with PathSpot, the two companies are working towards mitigating the risk of food contamination and ensuring public health and safety in the restaurant industry.

Miso announces new AI kitchen assistant, CookRight

Miso Robotics recently announced a new tool, CookRight, an AI-powered kitchen assistant. CookRight uses computer vision to track order accuracy and aid kitchen staff in ensuring that all food is cooked perfectly. Alongside CookRight, kitchen staff have access to an intuitive, gamified dashboard that enables them to supervise multiple workflows simultaneously.

Despite its name, Miso Robotics believes it's a software company at heart. The company's ultimate vision is to combine software with advanced robotics to create an autonomous kitchen platform. The addition of CookRight puts the company one step closer to that goal.

CTO of Open Table joins Miso Board

Miso Robotics recently welcomed Joseph Essas to its Board of Directors. Joseph has been Chief Technology Officer of OpenTable since 2012 and brings over 25 years of experience to Miso Robotics. OpenTable is a leading online restaurant-reservation service company that currently operates software for over 54,000 restaurants in 20 countries, and seats more than 31mm diners per month.

Prior to OpenTable, Joseph served as the CTO of online dating website eHarmony and VP of Engineering at Yahoo!.

"Miso Robotics is in a position to help fix the rising labor problems in the restaurant industry," comments Joseph. "I'm excited to be a Board member and help them innovate the kitchen of the future."